This service is only available to customers in UK and Europe.

Once you have finished stitching your needlepoint, we are delighted to offer you a finishing service to transform your unstretched canvas into a beautiful Cushion, Tallith, or Tefillin Bag, Challah Cloth or Kippah/Yamulke.  We will match the fabric and finishing materials to your design, unless you have a particular request, which we will do our best to fulfil.  WE WILL MAKE UP NON-GLORIOUS THREADS DESIGNS.  Send us your work through insured post for safety.  An acknowledgement will be sent to you via email or post giving you an approximate date for the return of your item.  Your completed needlepoint will be insured when it is returned to you. 

The prices in this section include fabric (either velvet or moiré), a zip and all the necessary materials. Cushion covers do not include the pad.  Please add the cost of returning your item to you by insured post £7.50 per item.

Print the order form and complete it to let us know your requirements and enclose a copy with your item.  Please send a cheque payable to Jennifer Berman. Download the order form here (pdf).

We can have your design stitched for you.  The price for stitching is –

Tallith Bags - £350    |    Tefillin Bags - £250    |    Challah Cloths - £400

Plus the cost of the kit and the finishing.

If you want something else stitched, please contact us for a quote.


Style 1

Simple piped square or oblong



Style 2

Ruched piped square or oblong



Style 3

Corded square or oblong



Style 4

Tallith and Tefillin Bags
Lined with co-ordinating lining and with a zip - £70.00

With tassel on zip - £75.00


Style 5

Challah Cloth
Lined with co-ordinating lining - £50.00

& finishing braid from £60.00


Style 6

Lined with co-ordinating lining - £45.00

Edged with braid - £55.00